Alex’s parents want him to marry a Greek girl. Eve’s parents are Lebanese Muslim. A mismatch made in heaven, only how can they stop from falling in love? ALEX AND EVE is based on the hit stage play by Alex Lykos, who also wrote the screenplay and was produced by Murray Fahey. The original stage play was first performed in Sydney in 2006 and since then over 35,000 people have seen productions of the play in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The film is directed by Peetr Andrikidis and stars Richard Brancatisano and Andrea Demetriades as star crossed lovers whose parents forbid them to marry. Alex is a handsome school teacher in his mid thirties and his parents want him to marry a good Greek girl. Alex falls hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Eve, a lawyer, whose parents are Lebanese Muslim. Like oil and water, the two should never mix, only how can they stop themselves from falling in love?

Sarah Gavron

Richard Brancatisano
Andrea Demetriades