Margaret Pomeranz urges Australians to help restore Proof

Margaret Pomeranz, Ambassador for the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) is urging Australians to help raise $25,000 to restore the iconic 1991 film Proof, which launched the careers of Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving and director Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker).

Hugo Weaving said: ‘Proof marked a before and after in my life, and launched the careers of incredible talents: director Joceyln Moorhouse, and my co-stars Russell Crowe and Genevieve Picot. 25 years later, please join me and help the NFSA restore this classic Australian film, and many others, so they can be seen in digital cinemas and enjoyed by future generations. Any contribution helps.’

The Proof campaign was launched today, and will end on 30 June 2016. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Margaret Pomeranz made the first contribution on the crowdfunding platform Pozible:

‘I’m making the first donation because it was a bit rich to ask you guys to put money into this campaign, and me just sitting back and saying “Hey, why don’t you do it?”. No, I’m going to be part of this, and I want to gather like-minded people around me.I hope you’re one of them,’ said Pomeranz.

Proof director Jocelyn Moorhouse said: ‘I haven’t seen it in a pristine version in a very long time. I remember it looked beautiful when it first came out; that’s what a lot of people commented on all over the world, so I would love to see it look that beautiful again.’

NFSA CEO Michael Loebenstein explained that the funds raised by this campaign will help cover part of the cost of the restoration, with the NFSA funding the rest: ‘We manage our resources in a way that allows us to fulfil our key objectives: collect, preserve and share. However, our analogue film collection is vast and digital restoration work is time-consuming and expensive, from $50,000 to $150,000 depending on its condition. We have allocated existing resources to NFSA Restores, but through crowdfunding, even more films will be able to be restored per year.’

Proof is part of NFSA Restores, an exciting new program to digitise and restore classic and cult Australian films, so they can be seen in today’s digital cinemas. This NFSA initiative utilises the best available original picture and sound materials, from both the NFSA collection and around the world. Restored films will be migrated every five years to ensure their format remains contemporary and they will be available as Digital Cinema Packages. Previous NFSA Restores films include Storm Boy (1976), Starstruck (1982), Bliss (1985) and Howling III: The Marsupials (1987).

Ms Pomeranz added: ‘I am a major supporter of Proof. It’s quite an extraordinary debut feature by Jocelyn Moorhouse and producer Lynda House: two young women that took the Australian film industry by storm. It’s an intriguing exploration of one man’s lack of trust in the world, and how he goes about achieving it. But does he really? Even though it’s a story about a man, I don’t think it could have been written or made by a man. It’s very feminine perspective on jealousy, love, trust, life.’

Tax deductible donations can be made online, and donors will receive a token of appreciation from the NFSA and Margaret Pomeranz.

NFSA Restores is an ongoing project, and there are literally thousands of films waiting to be restored back to life. Any money raised that goes over the $25,000 target will be invested in new restorations

NFSA Restores trailer:

Proof crowdfunding appeal:

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