The Australian Directors Guild (ADG), in association with the Directors Guild of America, will host two MEET THE DIRECTOR events in November with Thomas Schlamme, the acclaimed US television director and producer. Recognised for his ground-breaking work on US television dramas, Thomas Schlamme is credited with creating the look of such hit series as The West Wing, Spin City, The Larry Sanders Show, Boston Public and Parenthood.

Thomas Schlamme’s long lasting and productive collaboration with writer Aaron Sorkin led to them directing and executive producing three shows together: The West Wing, Sports Night and Studio 60 and he has also directed multiple episodes of Mad About You, Friends, Ally McBeal, The Practice, Chicago Hope and ER. He has won three DGA Awards, having been nominated eight times, and has won 9 Emmy Awards.

The MEET THE DIRECTORS events will take place at Dendy Opera Quays in Sydney on Thursday 5 November and at ACMI in Melbourne on Monday 9 November. The events will give fans of Schlamme’s work and of TV drama in general, as well as those directly involved with the industry here in Australia, a unique insight into the creation of some of world’s best shows and the role of the TV director as an important creative artist in the production of television drama.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Australian TV directors to hear from one of the leading director show runners in the US. He has directed and run shows like The West Wing, Manhattan and The Americans. He is an Emmy award winning director and long time member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA),” said Kingston Anderson CEO of the ADG. “This will be a chance to hear from the coalface how the US television dramas are made and how the new streaming services are affecting their production.”


  • Thursday 5 November – Dendy Opera Quays, Sydney Monday 9 November – ACMI, Melbourne
  • 6pm for 6:30pm start


Tickets are now on sale online from: