Holding The Man has made a strong debut at the Australian box office achieving a screen average of just over $1100 on 31 screens on its first day of release.

The total box office for Holding The Man, after day one, is $260,098, which includes several preview screenings.

Transmission Film’s Richard Payten said:  “Holding The Man is a film we are extremely proud to be distributing. It’s powerful and beautiful cinema from director Neil Armfield, screenwriter Tommy Murphy and producer Kylie du Fresne, with exceptional performances from an exceptional cast, including Ryan Corr, Craig Stott, Anthony La Paglia, Guy Pearce and Kerry Fox.

“The timing of the release is serendipitous, with such an important national discussion taking place on the issue of Marriage Equality.  We hope that the film contributes positively to that debate and that is also enjoyed as one of the most moving depictions of a grand love story ever seen in Australia cinema.”

Holding the Man is currently screening nationally, with the film also available on the TUGG cinema on demand platform.