AFTRS 2015 creative fellowship winners announced

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) has announced three outstanding winners of the 2015 AFTRS Creative Fellowships: eminent visual artist Del Kathryn Barton; emerging filmmaker Sari Braithwaite and AFTRS alumnus and accomplished filmmaker Rachel Perkins who will all be supported to create bold and distinctive new works.

Now in their sixth year, the AFTRS Creative Fellowships provide funding and support for talented individuals or small collaborative groups from a diverse range of creative backgrounds including, but not limited to, visual artists, filmmakers, screenwriters and directors.

AFTRS Chief Executive Sandra Levy said, “What is truly special about the AFTRS Creative Fellowship is that practitioners are supported with a substantial grant to pursue unique and innovative work in a context where grants of this nature are not on offer from other organisations.”

The grant is supplemented with additional support that includes access to the School’s resources and state-of-the-art production facilities as well as its highly talented teaching staff to encourage innovative creative exploration and original ground breaking work.

Artist Del Kathryn Barton will use her AFTRS Creative Fellowship to create RED, a visually arresting dual-screen work that will delve into themes of passion, sex and death, drawing on the legends and symbolism of the female red-back spider.

Filmmaker Rachel Perkins will work within the storytelling traditions of elder Arrente women in Alice Springs, capturing on screen their Altyerre, (dreaming), which have been passed down through generations, from woman-to-woman through songs.  These stories, referred to as songlines, are now on the verge of extinction and Rachel Perkins will capture this important and moving project on screen.

Emerging filmmaker Sari Braithwaite will create a provocative, experimental artwork, The A To Z of Censorship, that tells the untold and unseen story of Australian film censorship. Sari will splice together carefully curated clips of never-before-seen images deleted from films by the Australian Government censor between 1940-1970, offering a fascinating insight into the anxieties of the Australian psyche over three decades.

The AFTRS Creative Fellowship says Sandra Levy, “has a strong track record of supporting ambitious screen-based projects from talented artists and we are thrilled to be able to support Del, Rachel and Sari to deliver their exciting new works. We look forward to seeing the completed projects.”

Previous AFTRS Creative Fellows include: Amiel Courtin WilsonMelissa Anastasi, Damian Power, Carl Firth, Christopher Frey, Angelica Mesiti and Lynette Wallworth.

AFTRS Creative Fellow Angelica Mesiti’s Citizens Band (the work she made with her AFTRS Creative Fellowship grant) has been exhibited widely both internationally and in Australia. It won the prestigious Anne Landa Award for video and new media arts.  Lynette Wallworth’s immersive media project Coral: Rekindling Venus (that was initially funded by an AFTS Creative Fellowship) also has exhibited widely internationally including in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontiers Program.  In 2014 it was invited to the World Economic Forum.